Supplies of design Web 2020

Web of Company

€œIf you are not satisfied to the minimum€

899 ‚¬

  • Slider with 3 slides in main page includes design with menu of 5 sections +
  • Design in a single page with 5 blocks and vertical displacement or 5 pages for each section of the menu.
  • It includes optimization in mobiles, tablets (responsive design) and programming HTML5+CSS3

+ 299 ‚¬

It adds to your Web optimization for Positioning in Google:

+ 299 ‚¬

It adds to your Web an administrable section of the News and New features via Web:

If contract this one product with payment including some of modules in advance both extra, includes service of lodging Web for its page, registry or transfer of domain name ( or and service of e-mail with the name of its domain by a period of a year. But the price of the service of lodging and maintenance 240 Web is of ‚¬ to the year.

The prices that appear here are for the products that are detailed except for typesetter error. Valid supplies until month end.

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