Company of graphical design and Web in constant evolution

Tercer-Ojo is formed by a young, dynamic equipment, with fresh ideas and is specialized in different areas (graphical Design, design Web, programming Web, optimization of contents, search engine optimization, marketing in Internet, etc€¦) with the aim of offering to the Client, from a global vision, the advising, development and pursuit of any project of communication.

Tercer-Ojo is the red union, that will develop from the Corporative Identity of its company to the application of this one in anyone of its variants or action of marketing (logos, cards, pamphlets, stationery store, direct marketing, posters, design of stands, product presentations, events€¦) and average that is able to develop any project in Internet, from simplest to most ambitious (personal pages, corporative pages, great portals, banners, animations in flash, presentations multimedia€¦) and all this with the greater quality and always telling on an effective and adapted advising the needs of each Client.

In Tercer-Ojo we recycle ourselves and we evolved within our sector since it is a very active sector where everything changes in brief time intervals. To be is a hard work that a time reversal supposes and resources that other companies are not prepared to realise.

Have it in account coverall when analyzing and to compare prices.

Why to choose to work with tintaymedia?

Sometimes a good idea is not sufficient. To achieve the success depends on a good exposition, planning and development, supported in the use of solutions and services that mark the difference.

Tercer-Ojo puts them to its reach, working only by the success of its project. We want to offer to the Client creative, profitable and effective solutions to communicate ideas, to promote products, to attract clients and to construct to image, using the interactive technology multimedia.

Our method of work consists of the almost exclusive dedication in each project, by small that is, with the maximum implication, turning us into an prolongation of its company. For us great Clients do not exist or small Clients, only exist great Clients as you.

In Tercer-Ojo we commit ourselves to adapt the budget of a correct fair way and to the needs of each Client offering to them creative and effective solutions to a competitive price.


1. - Professionalism.

2. - Excellence in the service.

3. - Satisfaction of the client.

4. - Quality in the end item.

5. - Experience.

6. - Fulfillment of terms.


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