Remind Yourself with All These and Connect to the Lord

Remind Yourself with All These and Connect to the Lord

Everyday people go through plenty of things. They face endeavors and fight their battles on their own. Some people only want to fight these battles by themselves. All because they do not want to include other people. But, there is always someone watching you go through various things you need to survive and make a living. Remind yourself of these things and connect to the Lord.

He is a forgiving God.

God gave His own Son to pay for the sins of humanity. The Lord forgave people and continued to bestow people mercy. Put in mind that even God himself can forgive, so do the same. Obey His commands and seek refuge from His words. With that, you can live a better life. A life you can say you know your purpose.

He listens to you.

You may not notice, but God is always there. He sees you and is always watching you. He also listens to all your prayers. So, never hesitate to talk to Him from time to time. You can include praying in your daily routine to strengthen your bond with the Lord. As parents, you can also incorporate praying before heading to sleep, waking up, and every meal.

Act upon His words.

As God’s disciple, you want to listen to His words and obey His commands. You need to live upon His ways and show people your true purpose. There is nothing more fulfilling than to live in His ways. Ensure to practice these things and make life easier to live for you and everyone else.

Have time to read the bible.

It is essential that whenever you preach the name of the Lord, you know where to stand. You can strengthen your relationship with Him by reading the bible. You get to know Him even more and learn how He saved people from sins. Besides the traditional bibles, you can also read at this website,, to get a full grasp of the bible stories.

In conclusion, you can strengthen your bond with the Lord through these simple steps. Once you get to practice all these, it can be easier for you to connect with Him. God is always there and at the end of the day. It is always so pleasant to have Him. Knowing that He listens to what you have gone through at the end of each day.