What is the common age for people to get ADHD

What is the common age for people to get ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which is usually termed as ADHD is a chronic condition. It mostly affects millions of children and it remains with them until adulthood.The living style of the newer generation has changed.People are preferring to stay alone and they are preferring to go for nuclear families.There are many advantages of nuclear families.But one of the biggest disadvantages is that the kids in the house start feeling left out.They feel that they are not getting the same attention which they actually should be getting.It’s nothing to do with the parent.From the parent’s point of view, they would be doing the best possible however this problem has become very common among today’s generation kids.They would always like to be in limelight.They would want their parents to keep appreciating them and recognizing them for all the things which they do.Now a days when we interact with kids they always complain that they are not getting the right attention from their parents.The children who have ADHD have would not be able to control their emotions.They would not be able to keep themselves balances. Their focus levels decrease.Even when someone talks to them and shares their opinions or asks them questions the kids are lost.They would be thinking something or would not at all pay attention to the opposite person.These are signs where the parents should take charge.They should consult a doctor who can treat the kid.ADHD starts before the age of 12 and they are noticeable as early in 3 years of age. The symptoms of ADHD can be mild, moderate and severe. This mainly occurs in male when compared to female. The behaviors of both can be completely different. In case a boy is having this disorder, he may be hyperactive and incase the girl has this disorder she may be quiet.Having said this,it’s not a major disorder to worry.It is definitely curable. Adderall which is a drug and is prescribed by a doctor can be used to cure ADHD.


Let’s see the subtypes of ADHD:

• Majorly Inattentive
• Majorly hyperactive/impulsive
• Combined


It is important to give at most care to children. It is possible that they may be hyperactive and may have ADHD disorder but it is cure able.There are medicines and treatment for ADHD.