Why is your pool water green?

Why is your pool water green?

You have constructed a beautiful pool in your garden. But, do you know if it’s clean? When you have time get a closer look at your pool. Do you notice a color change? Yes! Sometimes your pool water may look green in color.

 Before going into the details of how to clean a green swimming pool, let’s see the reasons for a green pool.

 Listed below are some main reasons for your pool to turn green.

  • Chlorine levels low

The main reason for your pool water to look green could be a lack of chlorine. Chlorine is added to water to kill bacteria and germs. When this is absent, the growth of algae becomes easier. If you don’t notice the early signs of algae developing and add chlorine, the entire pool can become dark green full of algae. This is very unhygienic and can cause serious infections to whoever is using the pool.

  • Pollen from nearby trees

When your pool is surrounded by plants and trees, then the pollen from them can be carried by wind to the water. This cannot be removed by the filters due to its small size. But over time it starts accumulating and continues to border around the pool. This can also make the pool water appear green. It can be very disturbing to swim in the presence of a lot of pollen.

  • Pool not cleaned

If you do not maintain your pool well, the floor of your pool can develop algae. It will start with a mild slimy deposit and can cover your pool with algae when the floor isn’t scrubbed off. In warm weather, the algae gets a boost to grow fast. This way your pool looks green.

  • Metal content in the pool

The metal content in your pool can also be a reason for green waters. The water source used can contain metals, or the water may be acidic. Oxidation of metals in the water may happen when the pool waters are shocked with chemicals. This process can change the color of water. This will not only stain the interiors of the pool, but also the hair of those who use the pool.

Pollen from nearby trees

                When the algae content exceeds the limits, it becomes very difficult to maintain. To avoid any skin infections and have a sparkling pool it is essential to take care of your pool regularly.

Keep the above information handy to help you maintain your pool.