A Reliable Private Money Lender In The Southwest’s Arizona

A Reliable Private Money Lender In The Southwest’s Arizona

A leading hard money lender has served hundreds of real estate investors for decades, providing people with funding for their needs. With over $2 billion in loans financed across the Western United States, they have earned a reputation as a leading hard money lender.

From traditional fixed and reverse financing Capital Fund I financing specializes inĀ hard money loans in Carrollton to obtain the financing you need. They have trusted private lenders who are responsive, service-oriented, and innovative in Arizona. When you get in touch with one of the loan experts, you will understand why thousands of real estate investors have trusted this lender.

Do they have any loan offers through their program?

Capital Fund 1 operates faster when you apply for a loan. Their lenders are more concerned about each client’s creditworthiness to provide hard money loans in Carrollton. However, here are the loan offers through the program, such as the following:

  • Fix and Flip Loans
  • Buy and Hold Loans
  • Commercial Bridge Loans
  • Construction and Land Loans
  • Remodel-Addition Loans
  • Land and Lot Loans
  • Foreclosure Auction Loans
  • Multi-Family Hard Money Loans
  • Cash-Out Refinance Loans
  • Re-Fi Loans

What methods of payment do they offer?

Capital Fund 1 is launching an innovative payment to serve better in the borrowers. A new system for the payment method allows real estate investors to connect automatically full payment and access to all your loans. They offer three payment methods to bring flexibility, transparency, and security to all members of CF1, such:

  • Automatic Ach Payment

The loan payment process is convenient, easy, fast, and safe on the 5th of every month or a business day.

  • One-Time Payment and Portal Access Control

In paying your loan, you have a convenient access portal for making one-time payments through your ACH or debit card. Within the portal, you can see your loan balance and minimum due amount in seconds.

  • Main-In and In-Person Payments

Moreover, their staff is flexible about letting you mail or pay in-person every 10th month on your loan.

How is a private money loan different from a traditional loan?

A traditional loan offered by banks and lenders will look at your debt-to-equity ratio, credit score, and job stability to make sure you can repay. Hard money is usually based on the amount of collateral when planning a loan. As a result, your cash flow will be less because of the collateral sold to cover the lender’s losses. Hard money loans are similar to short-term loans since they require less paperwork and are more flexible in terms of requirements.