How to Warm Up For Pressure Washing

How to Warm Up For Pressure Washing

Cleaning your house used to be something that would take up the entirety of your day, so we should all be grateful that we have advanced methods like pressure washing that have made the burden significantly less severe than it previously was. While pressure cleaning generally makes the task of cleaning every inch of your home incredibly easy, suffice it to say that you still need to warm up for it because of the fact that there will be a small amount of physical exertion that your body would not be able to handle if it is not given an adequate amount of preparation.

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The part of your body that will undergo the most strain during a pressure washing service is your wrist. Wrists are designed to be mobile and limber, but this can make them rather prone to repetitive strain injury. The concentric circles that you would be moving your high pressure jets around in can damage your wrists if you’re not careful, so warming up by doing some wrist exercises is definitely a very useful thing to take part in.

At the end of the day, your body has limits and you would do well to keep these limitations in mind. Even if your wrist does not hurt initially, it won’t be all that long before you start experiencing severe pain in that joint. Moving your wrist around in circles and cracking the joints helps to direct blood flow to that region. This oxygenates the muscles and helps them take the weight of the pressure jets instead of your joints. Muscles are stronger than joints, but only if they are warmed up well before you get started.