Characteristics of vinyl floors

Characteristics of vinyl floors

The polyvinyl chloride , known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC , is one of the most used plastics in the world. It is a material that is obtained from ethylene by subtracting a hydrogen atom . Among its countless uses we also find flooring. For a long time used in public environments such as hospitals, gyms and schools, vinyl flooring is often associated with long rolls of black aseptic plastic to be glued directly to the floors luxury vinyl tile in baton rouge la

The advantages of vinyl flooring

Ease of cleaning, anti-slip function and practicality have always made it the ideal flooring in those places with a large number of visitors , where functionality and hygiene are of fundamental importance. New solutions allow you to add these features the design , thus making vinyl flooring perfect also for use in private homes.

New vinyl flooring solutions have been added to the long rolls of material used to make the adhesive vinyl floor, which combine practicality and functionality with an elegant look.

Enriched by elegant graphic details , in fact, vinyl floors are now able to faithfully reproduce any type of material . The vinyl floor can imitate wood, with all the elegant veins of pine and oak , or faithfully reproduce a marble or stone covering , up to the most modern and contemporary solutions that involve the use of unicolor or patterned vinyl tiles .

The vinyl tiles are composed of three different layers , which give the vinyl floor considerable resistance , elegance and durability.

DIY vinyl flooring installation

Renovating a room with vinyl flooring isn’t complicated at all and can very well be done by a beginner. To begin it will be necessary to take the measurements of the room to be paved and remove all the furniture and bulky objects from the room .

In case of laying the vinyl floor in the bathroom it will not be necessary to remove the sanitary ware, as you can simply model the tiles around the base . If the floor is covered with carpet, remove it and make the surface perfectly smooth.

Making a paper model of the flooring will help you cut the vinyl absolutely precisely. Prepare the substrate by applying plywood slabs specifically for laying the floor to the floor . Leave on for 2/3 days to allow the wood to adapt perfectly to the new surface, widening or contracting.

This will prevent the adhesive vinyl floor from lifting or deforming after installation. After 2/3 days, spread a finishing composite material on the substrate to create a perfectly smooth surface. At this point you can proceed with the installation of the vinyl floor.