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How to find pet-friendly rentals in New Orleans?

How to find pet-friendly rentals in New Orleans?

Pets are an integral part of our lives, and finding a rental that welcomes them is crucial for pet owners. Pet-friendly new orleans rentals offer a sense of belonging and eliminate the stress of leaving your furry friend behind or facing housing restrictions. Moreover, living in a pet-friendly environment promotes a sense of community among pet owners.

Researching Pet-Friendly Areas in New Orleans

Online Resources

The internet is a valuable tool for finding pet-friendly new orleans rentals. Websites like Zillow,, and allow you to filter your search specifically for pet-friendly properties. Additionally, platforms like Airbnb and VRBO offer short-term rentals that may accommodate pets.

Local Pet Communities

Joining local pet communities and forums can provide insider tips on pet-friendly neighborhoods and available rentals. These communities often share firsthand experiences and recommendations, making your search more targeted and efficient.

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Narrowing Down Your Options

Budget Considerations

Before embarking on your search, it’s essential to determine your budget and stick to it. Consider not only the rental price but also any additional pet-related fees or deposits. Remember to factor in other expenses such as utilities, transportation, and pet supplies.


When evaluating potential rentals, prioritize amenities that cater to both you and your pet. Look for properties with pet-friendly features such as fenced yards, nearby parks, and designated pet areas. Additionally, consider the proximity to pet-friendly businesses and services, such as veterinary clinics and pet stores.

Communicating with Landlords

Pet Policies and Fees

When contacting landlords or property managers, inquire about their pet policies and any associated fees. Some rentals may have restrictions on the size, breed, or number of pets allowed, while others may require additional deposits or monthly pet rent. Clarify these details upfront to avoid any surprises later on.

Negotiating Terms

If you find a rental that meets your criteria but has strict pet policies, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Offer to provide references from previous landlords, demonstrate your pet’s good behavior, or negotiate a trial period to prove your pet’s compatibility with the property.

Inspecting the Property

Pet Safety Measures

Before signing a lease, inspect the property to ensure it’s safe and suitable for your pet. Look for potential hazards such as exposed wires, toxic plants, or insufficient fencing. Consider installing safety features like baby gates or window screens to prevent accidents or escapes.

Suitability for Pets

Evaluate the layout and design of the rental to determine its suitability for your pet’s needs. Consider factors such as floor type, outdoor access, and proximity to neighbors. Choose a space that allows your pet to roam freely and feel comfortable in their new environment.