graphical design and Web

Design Web

Its company in Internet with a design Web result of the work of professionals with experience.

In tintaymedia we know that its webpage is the image of its company in Internet and that each business has different objectives. For example, we offer from the design Web of a simple professional page and its maintenance to him, economic in its creation, to a great project with design and specific applications of its business as it can be a virtual catalogue for his products or a store online with electronic commerce.

We understand that each case to size needs a solution and a total adaptation to the objective that persecutes the design of a webpage, like our hosting its so flexible and can adapt with your budget

We as much use the last technologies in Design Web as Graphical Design and worked with the International Standards, obtaining so our pages are perfectly visible in the most important navigators and to the generalized size more, giving to great importance to the visualization on mobiles and tablets Responsive Design.

Creation and maintenance of webpages with Wordpress

Probably it has arrived up to here because it has heard speak of Wordpress. The majority of the people who want to create a new webpage thinks about Wordpress, why? because the majority uses it, or it is the popular belief at least. The certain thing is that the most veteran sites and better valued do not use Wordpress.

Although Wordpress is free code and therefore gratuitous, the cost to put to work Wordpress is not it. Probably it will need to add fields or contents nonstandard, to apply a design that will not agree with any predetermined group, it will need plugins backup copy, modules for forms, modules to improve the cache and the speed, modules of electronic commerce, etc. All these functionalities can be gratuitous for their unloading through plugins, but usually they do not work without integrating them all meetings or applying technical knowledge advanced and that it is not free. In addition it is united that the security of Wordpress never has been good and the compatibility with the updates of plugins causes that to maintain it working and updated is a chaos.

Esteem that 78% of the attacks to webpages becomes on pages mounted on Wordpress. It is the objective number the one and most vulnerable one in managers of contents in Internet nowadays. It is based on old code, known by all because he is public, with a system plugins opened that often leaves it very vulnerable to attacks.

If it does not have a developer Web in charge of maintaining his Wordpress site to the day, its webpage is very vulnerable.

The technicians for emergency of Wordpress that solves the problems to him can leave to him in the mid term very expensive. Without telling with that sometimes what is lost is not recoverable.

Graphical design

Tercer-Ojo is a company specialized in graphical design and design professional Web directed to companies.

We offer print server of magazines, bulletins, pamphlets and catalogues even if you already own the designed document.

Also we designed announcements for magazines, newspapers, presses generally, billboards, supports in means of transport as buses, marquees or panels of meter.

Study of graphical design

We are a company of graphical design formed by young people with desire to work, that update their knowledge continuously.

The experience realising works as much of graphical design as of design Web gives an ample ability to work us with professional finishing and in relatively short terms.

We design with quality and in term his corporative image from the design of the logo, the stationery store, its dossier of company, pamphlets, catalogues and all that one advertising piece that represents its company.

References of graphical design and Web

Than 14 years of experience working more as company and than 19 years in works related more to development Web, Internet and the publicity they guarantee to us.

It visits the section Clients of the menu superior to see a sample of our clients. Within each category of the menu are to examples works carried out regarding that category.

The satisfaction of the client with a good work done, a reduced term and a competitive price is in a relation of confidence with our clients.

Prices of design Web and graphical design

It consults prices of design Web, we have a sample tariff that includes prices of asked for products more: Prices of design Web - Supplies of design Web

Prices and supplies of graphical design, we have a sample tariff that includes prices of demanded products more: Prices of graphical design - Supplies of graphical design

Special prices for the creation of corporative image and webpages of new companies with dedicated server deal. They include the graphical design of a logo, design of the stationery store or corporative pamphlet, design of cards and design Web for the page of the new company. All uniting in one supplies joint with a price without competition.

Rotating impression and

In tintaymedia we worked with the best rotating presses and to give him to the best relation quality-price based on the impression necessity that it has.

We count on a great fan of rotating suppliers of impression and to give service as much the small ones as great distances. We work as much with the small digital presses, the rotating presses offset and of great distances. Always there is a solution for each requirement of the client, providing estimated fit in price based on the demanded distance and the finished ones of production.