Boutique Independent Mortgage Broker

An independent mortgage broker is an intermediary between a financial institution and an individual seeking a home loan to finance the acquisition of a property. The professional usually works with several lenders and negotiates attractive rates with them in return for a large volume of business. It should be noted that most of the loans (around 90 percent of real estate loans) are offered at fixed rates. The mortgage broker is only paid if the client’s loan application is successful.

The client benefits from the expertise of the broker. The experience allows the broker to provide optimal support for the borrower throughout the process until the contract is signed. The broker can also prepare a comprehensive analysis of the client’s financial situation with the aim to target an adapted and sustainable offer.

This makes it easier to direct the client towards realistic home finance solutions that are appropriate for the borrower’s profile. As a result, homebuyers can take advantage of a whole range of financial solutions.


Once the various financial information has been collected from the client, an independent mortgage broker will compile a financing file that will be presented to various partner banks to obtain the best offer on the market. The professional will use their network and banking partners to negotiate the most advantageous credit for the client.

During this stage, the intervention of the broker ensures that the borrower can submit an optimal file. The compilation of a solid file allows the borrower to maximise chances of a successful outcome.

The broker then negotiates with partner mortgage lenders in favour of the client. This enables the professional to choose the right offer, which has the best current mortgage rate for the client’s profile.

The customer no longer only benefits from the experience of the broker but also from the network of financiers. This group of partners enables an independent broker to find a mortgage quickly that suits the customer’s home finance requirements both in terms of rates and acceptance criteria. The client also benefits from the experience of the broker who submits numerous loan applications on behalf of borrowers with different profiles.

Mortgage application requirements

The professional is also familiar with the varying mortgage application requirements of lenders. The intervention of the broker ensures a fast and efficient handling of the loan application.

The best brokers offer a range of financing solutions for real estate loans with fixed rate solutions. They can work clients from various backgrounds, including civil servants, employees in the private sector, craftsmen and more.