An eFoil: What is it? How much does one set you back?

An eFoil: What is it? How much does one set you back?

One of the newest and most fascinating extreme sports is foil surfing. It’s sending surfers to previously unseen waves and providing spectacular experiences on previously unrideable days. A hydrofoil, like to an airplane wing, lifts the board above the surface of the ocean. Surfers can now catch even the tiniest waves. An e-Foil is a surfboard with an electric propeller right above the hydrofoil’s wing that propels the board through any water.  A nearly quiet electric motor and rechargeable battery power the e-Foil. It is operated by a wireless portable controller that connects to the e-Foil through Bluetooth.

Foils for Lifting

Lift has spent over ten years producing high-quality eFoil installations. The motors are completely quiet, emit no emissions, and can achieve speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. Lift e-Foils can operate for up to 90 minutes at a time, and the rechargeable battery may be fully charged in only 20 minutes for another session.

foil électrique takuma now has four e-Foil models available: the e-Foil 4’4′′ Pro Model, the e-Foil 5’0′′ Sport, the e-/////////Foil 5’6′′ Cruiser, and the eFoil 6’2′′ Explorer. Each model is available with one of four wing variants, which may be selected based on the sort of eFoiling you want to conduct. Those looking for improved stability and lift will pick the 250 Surf wing, while those looking for speed will prefer the 250 Speed wing.

If you’re unsure about which foil model or wing is right for you, contact the Lift eFoiling specialists.

Flying Foils

David Trewern, an Australian who has spent his whole life windsurfing and surfing, founded the Flite eFoil firm. Trewern’s years of racing hydrofoil kiteboards, along with years of software and design knowledge, have led him to develop one of the greatest eFoils on the market. Fliteboard, Fliteboard PRO, Fliteboard Ultra, and Fliteboard Air are the current versions available. Flite also sells the eFoil board and propulsion system separately, allowing you to personalize your package. The Fliteboard is available in all variants for $12,935 including tax and delivery.

Alternative Brands

The eFoil market is getting saturated with manufacturers that provide eFoil configurations at far cheaper pricing than Flite and Lift. These boards, however, are commonly accessible through trustable site and do not come with any quality or warranty assurances. To discover which brand and type of eFoil is ideal for you, we recommend reading reviews, conducting extensive research, and consulting your local eFoil merchant.

foil électrique takuma



Try before you purchase

Since eFoiling is a growing sport, there are more opportunities to test one out before shelling out more than $12,000 for one. You may use the Lift brand website to look for local Lift representatives in your area. You may try out the eFoil experience with these reps before you buy. Flite provides its exclusive Fliteschool, allowing people interested in eFoiling to learn more about the activity and develop their talents. The availability of EFoil experiences is growing in popular tourist locations all around the world. You may hire an eFoil at many locations to get a taste of the experience and decide if it’s the right water activity for you.

Future Water Sporting Events

Many people refer to EFoiling as the “future of water sports.” Depending on the kind of eFoil you choose, the innovative propulsion system may go up to 20–28 mph. The electric motor can typically run for up to an hour, but depending on the rider’s size and desired speed, this timeframe may change.