Benefits Of Becoming An IECRM Member

Benefits Of Becoming An IECRM Member

The IECRM membership provides several benefits, such as networking opportunities with other professionals worldwide, training and education on emerging technologies and management methodologies, access to publications related to international construction management, and much more. Electrical contractor membership is open to:

IEC members are committed to providing their customers with quality and integrity in all projects worldwide. This commitment includes running the most efficient project management system, using the latest technology and process, ensuring all aspects of a project are being executed appropriately, and checking on all aspects of a project at least once a year. For more information about IECRM membership, please see the International Electrical Contractors Review website.

When a contractor applies for membership, the contractor must complete the Application for Membership form and the requested documents. Once the application is approved, a membership certificate and ID card are sent to the contractor by regular mail. IECRM is a nonprofit organization, and all member contractors must pay annual dues. At the end of each year, IECRM sends its contractors a membership statement detailing their spending on electrical equipment over the past year.

IECRM’s mission is to support, promote and advocate for the electrical contractor industry by providing education, training, and leadership in all phases of electrical contracting. One of the ways electrician trade association does this is by sponsoring educational programs that teach about international construction management (ICM) methods, technology, and ethics.

IECRM is currently supporting the educational needs of its Members by providing the following:

The Management for Success Academy (M4S) is a two-day program focusing on the practical application of ICM and International Construction Practice (ICP). Participants are trained in Lean Six Sigma (LSS), qipro, pbem, and other technologies. The emphasis is on quality, productivity, and process improvement through the 0-9-9 system. The M4S provides an integration opportunity between management and contractor in the electrical construction industry. M4S is offered twice a year, and new courses are added each year.

The M5S – a mobile version of M4S – is offered through IECRM, and distances from their main office in Atlanta are limited to 50 miles (80 km) or less. It provides 15 hour classes that cover the same information as the two-day M4S, however, it does not cover the plant process improvement tools or tools for electrical contractors. These tools typically fall into three categories: Strategic Planning, Quality & Supply Chain Management (QSCM), and Lean Six Sigma (LSS).

In conclusion, the M4S and M5S provides a practical application of ICM to the electrical industry in an interactive environment with an emphasis on quality, productivity, and improving efficiency. The instructors are experienced in the field of construction management.

The IECRM has become infamous for filing lawsuits against its members based on alleged violations of the IECRM Constitution and Trademark Policy Manual. In June 2015, Jeffrey Young Electric Company was ordered by the New York Supreme Court to pay $1,000,000.00 after being found guilty of trademark infringement and breach of contract.